There are currently 2 neighbors in need! We have fulfilled 3918 needs since February 1, 2012!

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Dave's aha moment

What if there was a way to ask for help where no one knows you were asking for help?

Mission Statement

"We provide a nurturing, dignified way to connect individuals who have a specific need with those who wish to fulfill that need."

Our Belief!

Here at we believe that every single person at one time in their life has had a need. For some, that time is right now!

We also believe that each of us has the capacity, talent and ability to help their neighbors in need.

Finally, we believe that each of us can provide help because help comes in many different forms. The first step in helping your neighbor in need is to simply care.

Who We Are is a tax exempt, 501c3 non-profit organization of caring individuals and volunteers who wish to try and help their Neighbors in Need.

How It Works

This website is designed to verify what the needs of our neighbors are and to provide a simple, turn- key opportunity for people who want to help their neighbors but don't always know how to. It is the members of the community itself that decide if they wish to fulfill a need. We simply post the approved need request with hopes that someone offers assistance. We hope that all requests posted on the website get fulfilled, however sometimes a need request will go unanswered. The needs that are fulfilled are listed in the Fulfilled Needs Archive section of the website.

Funding does not receive any funding from government agencies. Our operational costs are paid through a generous partnership with Montana Farmers Union as well as through sponsorships with numerous caring businesses. We ask for donations and support from the community to help fulfill Emergency Need Requests. Please be aware that because we have very limited financial resources these resources are only available for Emergency Need consideration. We try our best but please know there is no guarantee of fulfillment.

What is a Need?

A need can be as simple as a new pair of socks, a flat tire that needs to be changed, a bus pass to get to work, or maybe you need a bed so you can get off the floor. Beds are our biggest request. Perhaps you need help with a car repair or maybe you simply need someone to talk to.

We invite you to review all of the need requests that have been fulfilled by caring people just like you. We keep an archive of every need we have fulfilled in our Fulfilled Needs Archive.

Things to consider before completing the Need Request form.

Here at we understand how stressful it is when you are in need. We also understand that when you are facing a situation that seems daunting, a "want" may seem to be a "need". However, needs are different than wants. During our verification process our Good Deed Doers and other volunteers will ask you many questions about your situation. This is important because as stewards of the community’s willingness to help, we have to verify that your request is a "need" and not a "want" before considering posting your request on the website. Some of these questions will be about your financial situation, employment status, your ability to do it yourself, your history of receiving help from other organizations, etc.

Please know that no one is here to judge you or your situation, but we must verify the merit of your need. In some cases we will make suggestions on who you should contact first such as Opportunities Inc., Salvation Army Family Services, Saint Vincent DePaul, Great Falls Rescue Mission, Etc. If you tell us that you have been to other organizations and they turned down your new request, we will ask you why and then we will contact them to confirm your answer. Again, it is not that we do not believe you, but we must verify all of the facts before considering posting your need request. Our motto is simple: "If we cannot prove it, we do not post it."

Approved Need Request Categories

We wish we had the capacity to try and help everyone. We also wish we could post every need request. However, that is just not possible. Therefore to better serve the community we have structured a list of Approved Need Request Categories. These include: Medical Equipment, Furniture, House-Hold Items, Transportation (bus pass), Emergency Fuel, Plumbing, Electrical, Crucial Car Repairs Including Tire Issues, Potentially Dangerous Items, One-Time City Required Yard Clean-Up, One-Time Residence/House Cleaning. We will also consider other need requests on a case by case basis.

However we are unable to post a need request for the following categories: Food, Emergency Shelter, Appliance Repairs, Toys, Computers, Painting, Washers/Dryers, General Construction, Roofing Repairs, General Repairs to Non-Crucial Items, Cable Bills, Cell Phone Bill or Large Electric/Gas Bills, Damaged or Falling Fencing, Collections, Rent or Mortgage Payments, Previous Medical Issues, or any Prescription.

Do you or someone you know have a need?

Here's how you get started... Simply fill out the Request a Need form on line or you may do so in person at our office – located inside Times Square at 525 Central Ave in Downtown Great Falls. Once we have your completed application one of our Good Deed Doers will review your request. We will then begin the verification process. This can take a few minutes or a few days depending on if we are successful in reaching the contacts you provide. If your request is approved we will then we post it to this site in hopes that members of our local community can personally help fulfill your need request.

What if I have more than one need?

We understand that sometimes you are facing a crisis and may have multiple needs. You are welcome to submit multiple needs requests, however, you can only have one request posted on the website at a time. In order to have a second, third or fourth need posted on the website, we ask that you fulfill the need request of someone else that appears on the Current Needs list. Once you have fulfilled a need from the list, we will then post another of your need requests.

Who can request a need?

Currently there are My Neighbor in Need projects in Cascade County, Teton County, Lewistown (City Limits) and Chinook, Montana. In addition, My Neighbor in Need is also in selected cities in Wisconsin.

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