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This is a list of all the needs we have fulfilled. To date, we have fulfilled 2774 needs!

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07/07/201407/22/2014Neighbor in need - Young lady recently moved to Great Falls is trying to find a job but she has no transportation. She needs a bus pass so she can get around to fill out applications and go on interviews. IF YOU CAN HELP YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PAY $30 TO GREAT FALLS TRANSIT OR SIMPLY PLEDGE $30 AND MY NEIGHBOR IN NEED WILL GO BUY THE BUS PASS AND GET IT TO HER. Thank you.
07/22/201407/22/2014Neighbor in need of kitty food
07/11/201407/22/2014Neighbor in need - couple with 2 teenagers are in need of 2 twin beds for them to sleep on. They are currently sleeping on floor. Thank you and God bless
06/18/201407/22/2014Neighbor in need - Family on a low fixed income, is in need of assistance with a brake repair on their only car. Our friends at Carnahan's Auto Repair are able to do the repair at a discounted rate of $190.86. IF YOU CAN HELP YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PAY CARNAHAN'S SUTO REPAIR directly. You do not have to provide the entire needed amount. Simply tell us how much you wish to contribute. Thank you and God bless
07/16/201407/22/2014Neighbor in need - couple with one child on a low fixed income are in need of 3 bus passes to go to and from appointments around town, as they have no other means of transportation. They have been walking but for some of the places that are further away, the child cannot walk. If you wish to help please click the fulfill this need button and tell us how.
07/16/201407/22/2014Neighbor in need - Disabled retired vet need a full size bed. He lives alone on social security.
07/21/201407/21/2014Neighbor In Need of dog food.
07/21/201407/21/2014Neighbor In Need- Older woman who is taking care of her daughter who is epileptic. During a seizure the daughter broke her bed (mattress and box spring). The mother is on a fixed income and cannot afford to replace it. We have a bed for her in the back and will be fulfilling this need ourselves.
06/30/201407/21/2014Neighbor in need - A mother needs a twin bed for her 5 year old son, currently sleeping with her. She and her son just got their own apartment a couple weeks ago.
07/21/201407/21/2014pet food
07/19/201407/19/2014Neighbor in need - is in need of a twin bed to sleep on as he is sleeping on a concrete floor
06/23/201407/18/2014Neighbor in need - Elderly disabled Veteran is in need of a used/clean couch so that he can have something to sit on in his apartment. He currently does not have a couch. Thank you.
06/24/201407/18/2014Neighbor in need - UPDATE - SEE BELOW: Unemployed, Single mother of four, two of which are disabled, is in great need of a used/working washing machine and a 110volt Dryer. They live in an old trailer and only a 110volt dryer will work. UPDATE: WE NOW HAVE A DONOR PROVIDING THE WASHING MACHINE. WE NOW NEED THE 110VOLT DRYER. IF YOU HAVE THE DRYER PLEASE CALL US AND MNIN WILL PICK-UP YOUR DONATTION AND DELIVER IT TO THE NEIGHBOR IN NEED. Thank you very much!
07/18/201407/18/2014neighbor in need of dog food
07/16/201407/18/2014Neighbor in need - young family with 1 kid is in need of beds 1 Twin size and 1 Queen size
07/18/201407/18/2014pet food
07/18/201407/18/2014pet food
07/18/201407/18/2014pet food
07/18/201407/18/2014Neighbor in need - young couple with kids is in need of some beds 1 queen and 2 twins
07/10/201407/18/2014Neighbor in need - Elderly lady is in need of a full size mattress due to hers have a big crack in it and the more she sleeps on it it keeps getting bigger.